Tondar In Brief

Following foundation of Qom Tondar Shahab, in autumn 2000, with state-of- the art design to prevent import of motorcycle, Tondar Shahab Holding started fabrication and development design. The holding company expanded her industrial activities, with effort of the founder, Mr. Abolfazl Hejazi, by construction of Qom Tondar Shahab and Kish Shetab Docharkh, with the aim of enhancing civil production and job creation, along with intention for independence in production, by construction and inception of Tondarcyclet in part production and localizing production of motorcycle.

The holding group started alloy steel industry activities, with construction of Foolad Gostar Keshesh, based on  professional studies, discovering missing links in steel industries and priorities of investment in the construction of 5-star hotels in different places, under the name of Zomorrod Khalij Fars. For the time being, mentioned projects of Tondar Shahab Group are under process of execution and are of considerable physical progress.