Tondar Shahab Qom Manufacturing Co.

Tondar Shahab Qom factory, started production of motorcycles, with the aim of cutting-edge design, in Qom Shokoohieh Industrial City, Autumn 2000, and supplied the market, with 5 models in the same year. During the years, by completing the technical, engineering and design department, today, the company is capable of producing 40 models motorcycles to be distributed in the market.

The company is one of the premier manufacturing enterprises, in terms of quality and quantity, all over the country, who supplies Eco-Friendly products, according to the modern standards.

Foolad Gostar Keshesh Tondar Co.

Synchronized with forming Tondar Shahab Group Holding Company and following the necessities in development of steel industries in the country, especially in Alloy Steel Industries, the missing link in this large industries, Foolad Gostar Keshesh started precise study and assessment in this regard and in the year 2010, seriously entered one of the on-going strategic programs. In the first phase, affording the land of 50 Hectare, in Dastjerd strict of Qom province and construction of premier buildings, the company is now at the stage of concluding the procurement of equipment, machineries and transformation of technology, which caused it to be rated in the world pioneer manufacturers, with production capacity of 70.000 Tons, per year. The final product, alloy wire, is now entirely supplied from overseas and used in automotive, joints and other key industries. Thus production and supply of it will bring about considerable currency exchange technology to the benefit of country economy.

Zomorrod Khalij Fars Kish Co.

In the year 2011, Zomorrod Khalij Fars Kish Company has been founded, aiming to develop Tourism Industry round the country, with construction of residential, entertainment, sport and cultural complexes. The company has started its activities with purchasing of two pieces of lands in Kish picturesque Island and Qom holly city and concluding the contracts with reliable design and engineering companies for construction of two 5 star international hotels. The two complexes are under process of construction and will be in operation in the year 2020.